Washing in the Spring!


Winter is now finally over and spring is here! Finally the rain has stopped and washes are getting a lot busier. So it’s time to spruce up the wash bay again and take a good look at your car wash operation. Clean off the algae, pressure wash the machine and the wash bay and check the equipment is running right!

How is the chemical looking? This time of year the bugs are beginning to slowly appear on bumpers and windscreens so take a look at your chemicals. If you are using a bug remover, be aware that they are quite harsh on paintwork and will remove the clearcoat protectant. Therefore it’s a good idea to only include bug remover or harsh traffic film remover on washes with a clear coat protectant pass! (Not a poor quality wax pass either!)


Time to get busy!

In April and May, the wash numbers can be busier than at any other time of the year. This is due to a lot of dirty vehicles on the road after the winter, with longer days and better weather. Make sure you are ready to capitalise on this with a good, clean car wash giving a great wash and shiny cars!

Happy car washing!