Will Hernon. Owner of Great Gas filling station, the bypass, Bandon.  

"The wash gives a great clean and is really reliable!" "I would definitely buy another machine from Washwell again, their  marketing and maintenance support has been really good"Water Wizard touchfree car wash and fragrance vacuum

Jibran Moin. Manager of Castle Service Station, Artane, Dublin.

"The Wash is really reliable and the back up support from washwell is really good" "I would buy from Washwell again!" - Water Wizard 2.0 touchfree car wash

Brendan Scally. Owner of Southlink Service Station. Cork

"Customers love the touchless carwash and we rarely have any problems. We can operate in cold conditions so the machine suffers almost no downtime. In addition to this, the back up and support we receive from Leighton and Washwell is truly excellent. They are a pleasure to deal with!" - Water Wizard 2.0 touchless car wash, Self service Jet wash, Vacuums and dog wash.

Sean Crowley. Crowleys filling station, Kenmare Co.Kerry.

"Our Jet wash Cleans really well and is very reliable. Washwell are really helpful with there advice and I would have no hesitation in recommending Washwell's products and services"

- Jet wash and Fragrance Vacuum



Interview with Noel Keenan. Owner of of Keenans filling station, Pollerton Big, Carlow. 

1) How well does your touchfree car wash clean? " Customers tell us it's the best wash around so it gives a great wash."
2) How reliable is the equipment? "We've had the car wash for 8 years now and the only time it was not working was for a couple of days during the bad winter freeze in 2011!"
3) How have washwell performed in terms of keeping the equipment running? "Washwell support has been excellent- even if we don't reach them on the phone they will phone back soon after we have left a message!"
4) How have washwell performed in terms of helping you with marketing and general car wash operations? "They always come up with suggestions and ideas to help the business develop
5) Why did you choose a touchless car wash for your site? We were new into the car wash business and wanted something completely different and really liked the concept and simplicity!"
6) How does our vacuum compare in terms of revenue and performance with previous vacuums you have. "No comparison - reliable, strong and always work, they are a great money earner"
7) Would you recommend us again? "Yes,even  if they were 300+miles away from us!"