The Do's and Don'ts of car wash marketing!


1. Do: Make sure your wash is serviced and clean before starting a marketing plan

Don't : attempt to promote you wash unless all equipment is working correctly, clean and giving a great wash

2. Do: Start up a face-book page for the wash and keep it updated with pictures, videos and the odd special offer. Keep it interesting and relevant!

Don't: Use your face book account as your own personal space by sticking up family photos, holiday pics and moaning about your noisy neighbours! It's a business page and needs to be treated as such!

3. Do: Put up signage to advertise your wash menu, prices and any special offers!

Don't: have differently coloured or themed signage . It needs to all be part of  a colour scheme that helps the customer identify with your site.

4. Do: Run loyalty schemes like buy 6 get 1 free. or "20% off for ladies on Wednesdays".

Don't: Run half price wash offers for long periods. Customers get used to paying the lower amount and resent paying the full amount if the price is then re-raised. The result is that you will lose customers when you put the price back up! Half price promotions are ok for short periods like say a week when you first open as a teaser, but any longer and you will devalue your wash offering!

5. Do: Keep in tune with new chemicals or wash equipment offerings by going to trade shows and trying them out for yourself to evaluate the products!

Don't: Add new chemicals or equipment without then promoting it. If you have added something that enhances the wash experience then LET YOUR CUSTOMERS KNOW! This can be with signage or via social media! 



Happy car washing!