Getting a Clean and Shiny car on a Touch Free Car Wash!



  In order to get a great clean on a touch less car wash (No brushes), there are three main things you need, then a few smaller but important issues. 

1. The right chemical. Make certain your supplier knows and understands the touch less process so you get consistent strengths and great vehicle coverage.

2. Dwell Time. The chemical needs time to loosen and lift the dirt. Typically between 20 and 30 seconds!

3. Impingement. This means the amount of force the water hits the vehicle surface at. too little volume and too little pressure means that you won't get the car clean!

The other things to consider are also really important and can change at different times of the year. They are:

Water quality. Hard water really inhibits the chemicals ability to clean by as much as 50%. We recommend getting your chemical water softened, to save on chemicals and get a great clean.

Heat.  Chemicals tend to react better at loosening dirt when they are heated. this is particularly necessary during the colder months. without a chemical heater you will need to increase your dwell time to allow the chemicals to react.

Seasonal factors. In the winter you have cold cars, I tend to have two passes of presoak to get a great clean with just one pass in the summer. You may be able to speed the machine up in the summer also as the temperature typically allows for this. If you have a lot of bugs then you may wish to increase your dwell time and have a double high pressure pass on the front of the vehicle.



Happy car washing!