Creating a brand!


In order to get a good marketing plan going, you first need to create a brand that your customers can relate too. When looking at a brand look first to your sites overall branding. You need the wash to stand out but also still look part of the overall business. For example if you have an Esso station in Dingle then maybe pick a red colour scheme for the wash and signage and a logo with a dolphin to embrace the local attraction! Get dolphin pics on the wash, splash screens and car wash menu. Call it say the splash wash with a wave accompanying the dolphin. This branding leads to repetition that gets stored in a customer's brain. They will now look for a splash wash which is directed at you and not a car wash which is directed at all the washes in the area. How good that experience is for them is up to you!

            The other benefits of this branding technique help with all forms of marketing. Including facebook, fliers, newspaper or radio ads and form a synergy with all your adverts. So get branding, get noticed and get more customers!

Next Month

Getting the cleanest, driest and most shiny cars on a brush wash!

Happy car washing!